Jan. 28th, 2008

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Today was a good day
I woke up
looked outside
saw snow
sent my boss an email
saying I was going to be in late
because I wasn't going to risk
getting hit by the idiots in traffic

he replied that he was stranded at home
because he couldn't get up the hill
from his house

I sent the Recruiting manager an email
asking her to entertain my new assistant
in case I wasn't there by the time she finished
new hire orientation.

then I went back to bed
and cuddled with my cats
strolled into the office just after 11

met with my new assistant
gave her a trival task
as I had nothing else to do
and went to meet with some of the other executives

came back
she had completed it as far as she was able
[as they had not gotten her a network login yet]
I walked her over to the admins
introduced her
and had them fast track an account for her

then I walked her through the process
for capital expenditures
as it will be a large part of her job
to manage that process
and it was a good enough excuse
to take her around and introduce her
to the key players she will interact with

my boss sent out an email today
to the CEO of the parent company
and the CTOs of each of the subsidiaries
informing them that I now have oversight
on all decisions relating to technology
in all six of the subsidiaries

for the time being
I won't be actually managing the other five companies
just signing off on the decisions those managers make
but it is the first step
in shifting me from being responsible
for five offices in five states
to being responsible for 14 offices in ten states

today was the first day of my 4th week with the company
I expect the transition and promotion will take
about a month to finalize
which is about five months sooner
than my boss and I discussed when I was hired



It is good to be the king.

that is the good
as for the bad

I have to say
I'm probably in trouble
with regard to my new assistant
she's bright, cute
and has a knockout figure
[and no, neither are why I hired her]

of course
I've been mostly good
about behaving myself
when it comes to my assistants
in the past

but saying no to sex
with an attractive woman
has never really been my strong suit
when I'm a single guy

and in a bit of sad news
my sister called me while writing this
to tell me that one of the family cats died on Saturday

He was 20 years old
and was born in my little sisters closet
when she was an infant
she was quite broken up about it
I remembered my first cat
I got him when I was six
and he died when I was 27
that was pretty rough for me
and I'm not nearly as sentimental as she is
even still
it is hard to lose a pet
that you have had all of your life


I spoke with my rep at the opera today
and she emailed me the season ticket prices for 2008/2009
the nosebleed seats start at 223$ a seat
my preferred seats are 3346$ a seat
[they happen to be the most expensive option]

what can I say
I like to spoil myself sometimes

[full disclosure - I honestly never knew]
[until tonight that those were the most expensive seats]
[they've just always been the seats I had and liked]
[and I figured that some of the boxes had to be more expensive]
[and when I've bought subscriptions in the past]
[I've just told them what seats I wanted and paid for them]

of course
I don't pay retail
it looks like it will cost me
about 1200$ for a pair of tickets in my preferred seats
of course
I'll kick in a donation to the annual fund
on top of that for around the same amount
[probably a bit more]
and get my usual semi-anonymous listing in the programs
[I dislike being obvious about such things]

The only downside is that the Season doesn't start
until August
but I have a feeling they'll offer me a deal
on the last two shows of the 2007/2008 season

I have my super secret inside man
working on my subscription to the Rep for next season
so all I have left is the ballet and the symphony

oh wait
I promised one of my employees
I'd look into getting Seahawks tickets
for next season as well

ah well

It's a hard knock life for me


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