Jan. 5th, 2008

So yeah

Jan. 5th, 2008 03:05 am
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I am home now
sitting at my computer
with a large glass of bourbon (and ice)

looking over the results of tonights poll
I just want to say

that I fully expect
those of you
who have had pornographic photos taken of you
[whether hardcore or softcore]
to share them with me

I mean
what else are friends for?

oh and I've screened comments for the few of you who are shy....
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An alternative source for biofuel

This has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. To date, while perhaps well intentioned Biofuels have not been a realistic option, they require too much land and too many resources to produce too little fuel, not to mention the overall question of burning food in our cars.
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I woke up this morning
this afternoon

my first thoughts
were on the fairly intense dreams
which had enveloped me in my sleep

there were two which
remained fresh in my mind

one in which
I was building a new house
and getting married
to not one, or even two
but three lovely lasses
among my lj friends

I remember which ones in fact
but what fun would it be to share that

although I was amused
that the three in question
are women I've flirted with
but more in the realm of flirting for fun
than flirting with intent

now the peculiar thing
about this dream
is that I am a monogamous man
inherently [if also serially]
I've done the whole threesome and moresome
it is generally more trouble than it is worth
I'd rather focus my intensity
on a single woman

an undivided focus
is a sexy thing

so even my dreams
rarely feature such a thing

however in this dream
it was pretty awesome
and I am not speaking sexually
although I have full confidence
in each of the women's abilities
in that department

it was in the area of life management
where the dream excelled
two of us worked high powered highly lucrative careers
[it is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure we owned the business]
one of us took care of the children and managed the household/help
and the last filled the role of personal assistant to the rest
to keep us all exceedingly well organized

everything hummed along quite smoothly
we all slept together in a massive shared bed
but also had individual bedrooms
for our personal possessions and privacy when desired

there was more than enough income
to afford all the toys we desired
[I recall a nice sixty foot sailboat specifically]
and plenty of people to share the responsibilities
so you always had someone to cover for you
and time to yourself if you so desired


the other dream
I'll keep to myself
as I think it has far more to do with my past
bleeding into my present
and dealt with skills
I'd prefer not to use again

back to the original point of this post
after I woke
I thought some on those dreams
brushed my teeth
washed my face
went into my office for a smoke
and to check my email

it was sitting there
that I realized that I had been sweating in my sleep
[I forgot to turn the thermostat down last night]
[as I was drunk]
[and I haven't yet set it on a schedule yet]
I was a stinky mess

so I finished my cigarette
jumped in the shower

problem solved

No Nodoro needed.


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