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It was time to redo my bio, and I havent been feeling up to it for some time when today in perusing past posts I came accross an easy way out.

The following is an analysis of yours truely done by [profile] atillathehung while we were fairly newly acquainted at the time, he did a splendid job, [even if he forgot I do indeed ride a motorcycle *grin*] and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know him better, so without further ado:


A lot of people try to be idealists. Others try to be cynics. Most fail miserably at both.

Not so with [personal profile] plural. He doesn't try being either. Perhaps more so than anybody around him, he acknowledges that the world can be a very bad place. Making it better, he knows, sometimes involves doing some nasty things. He regrets that these dirty deeds are necessary, but understands their importance, too. He's well-read in world affairs and one of the best people you could have on your side of a debate. In recent months, I've started keeping a closer eye on what he says.

[personal profile] plural doesn't talk about his past life experiences often. In fact, to listen to him or read his writing, life seems like a satisfying mix of chasing women, cooking good food and reading. But when he has a deeper thought, you really should pay attention. When he writes about some of the things that have happened to him, read carefully and really think about it.

To a certain degree, he's also a big bullshitter. An astute reader will guess that quite a few of the roguish tales that [personal profile] plural tells are inflated a bit. But that's okay. He's still entertaining and thought-provoking. We all do the same thing in our own journals to a certain degree.

Most readers will quickly decide that if [personal profile] plural rode a motorcycle, his ego would need a sidecar. One of his most-used phrases is "It's good to be king." He also claims that he only shows kindness, compassion and general goodness for his own purposes. He openly touts his interest in Machiavelli and Caesar, and has described himself as a "paranoid fuck."

This might give you the wrong impression of him. A lot of this talk is Darth Vader insisting that it's too late for him. [personal profile] plural is a better person than he gives himself credit for being. Is this because he wants to be the anti-hero, or does he struggle with some part of his behavior? It's possible he's grappling that question himself. One of his aforementioned heroes is famous for writing that the ends justify the means. I think the means are often justified in the end, too: If you do something good for selfish reasons, you've still done good.

[personal profile] plural often ponders his relationships. He lambastes himself for swapping sex for love. To be honest, I often look away when he posts about this. I almost feel like a peeping Tom, even though he posted it and knows people will read it. I don't think he's looking for advice. He's just exploring his own thoughts and possibly looking for a clue to what he should do.

Oh, yeah. When you're least expecting it, [personal profile] plural will say something really damn funny. Something silly and out of left field. After you interract with him a bit more, he'll also display more humor.

He's frank. He's realistic. He's pretty damned pleased with himself. He's [personal profile] plural.

I dont do the whole friends list drama thing, if you are on my friends, or off my friends list, it has no impact on whether I do or might consider you a friend in real life.

I have real life friends whose journals I dont read, just there are people in real life who I dont like, but whose journals amuse me.

My entries are almost all public and if it is secured, it is usually to specific folks, so you probably wouldnt be on that list anyway.

If you add me, go ahead a let me know so I can check out you out, but please do not get offended if I add you, or if I do not.

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