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Aug. 30th, 2008 07:21 pm
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been up to
all sorts of fun

went sailing yesterday afternoon
on my friends 18 foot catamaran

the wind was about 20ish knots
with gusts pushing 30 knots
we were screaming along
at about 17-18 knots

great fun

the windward pontoon was completely
out of the water most of the afternoon
[with us hiked out on the side]
[pimping the trapeze action]


on one occasion
the leeward bow
dipped under a wave
and we had to move quickly
to keep from flipping the boat
end over end

still ended up getting soaked

coming back into the dock
we noticed some high school kids who left
about the same time we did
coming back in
except that one of their pontoons
was just about entirely underwater

seems they had forgotten to put the drain plug
back in the hull of that pontoon
before heading out

so my friend and I decided to help them out.
we were just taking an apprasial of the situation
when it gave up the ghost
and the boat capsized right next to the dock

I looked at him
he looked at me
we both shook our head
but decided to give it a go anyway

it took us about an hour
but we managed to right the boat
drain the water it had taken on
educate the kids on how not to do that again
and get the boat squared away safely nestled on the dock

then we rewarded ourselves with a prehappy hour drink
and steak munchies at Daniel's

before heading off to the pub crawl/happy hour event
that we were scheduled for
which ended up being huge
we were expecting 20ish people
and we had over 50 people

not to mention we kept picking up
random strangers at the bars we visited

good times

at 10pm I bailed
as I had a date
with the brunette
a third date in fact
the fourth is planned for tonight

I picked her up
I was informed that
an additional woman would be joining us

as it was her friends last night
before moving out of town
so the three of us went hopping around
had some drinks

ended up at the private club
I frequent

which turned out to be perfect
as several close friends of mine
who have been something like hermits lately
happened to be out

including a dear friend of mine from Israel
who happens also to be a close friend of the brunette
and amusingly decided to give her the third degree
on my account

this is the same guy
who when I was in a confrontation
with three guys at a bar
responded by appraising the situation
then offering to hold my drink

I always find it amusing
how and when my friends decide to be protective

the lot of us drank, and heavily
the brunette and her friend
were being playful
first a slap, then a kiss, then another slap and another kiss

her friend mentioned she was 6 foot 2 inches tall
I shrugged and replied, "that's ok, I can climb"

there was more drinking
some dancing
more slapping
and more kissing
and the original three of us
decided to retire for the evening

I made my rounds
giving my usual hugs to my friends
took a lass on each arm
and parted for the night

as always
it remains

good to be the king
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