Mar. 31st, 2009

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I am exceedingly aroused.

I am also particularly drunk
but that is rather irrelevant to what I have to say next
[however relevant it is to how and why I am sharing it]

I had a date today
a woman I knew briefly in high school
ran into for the first time in years
a year ago at a friends birthday party
then again this year at the same friends birthday party

she came over to day to catch up and schmooze
I invited her to do so because it turned out
that she was a great fan of bourbon
I was already kind of in love
[I am after all a quixotic bastard]

but while I suspected
that she wanted to have sex with me
primarily given the difference between our interaction
at the most recent birthday party
and the previous one
[which she was decidedly cool toward me]

I was more than anything curious
as to what had caused the shift in behavior
she is pretty hot
so I was willing to find out
[yeah, so I'm a guy, deal with it]

she was supposed to arrive at 2pm
the planned event was to sit on my back porch
have a few bourbons
and catch up

she showed up at a quarter to
enjoyed several bourbons
and demonstrated that she did indeed
know a good deal about bourbon

I simply gave her shots
of five small batch bourbons I keep on hand
and asked for her impressions

she performed flawlessly
in rating them both by quality
and in terms of the specific flavors and qualities of each

I may be perverse
but it so gave me wood

over the course of this process
we had a most engaging conversation
such a process would have prevented me
from writing this post
as the lass in question and I
would still be having sex
as I sit here typing this

our history and background
both that which was common and that which was shared
advised me against making such a poorly planned move

You see, the culture we come from
unlike your more modern american culture
is one in which arranged marriages
or something quite resembling them
is the norm, not the exception

there is a term for it in yiddish
which technically means arranged marriage
but in modern practice is something different

a shidduch is a blind date
with the express intention of determining marriage potential

in other words
it is a subtle dance in which you bring up and deal with
any potential deal breakers before you begin dating

you talk about a variety of subjects
from religious adherence, to personal philosophy to child rearing
and look for a broad spectrum of common ground

don't get all worked up
this wasn't a shidduch
it was merely two old acquaintances
getting together for drinks with some sexual overtones

given our backgrounds and
the attraction which existed
we tended to resort to the familiar old ways

we talked for about three or four hours
it was great fun
I invited her to join me for a play I'm seeing on friday
she accepted
and I walked her out to her car

there was definitely a moment there
when I was saying goodbye
one of those moments
which normally would have led to sex
but which I decided to hold back

why I'm not entirely sure
part of it I'm sure
has to do with the reality
that such an overt pass would probably not go over well given her background
the other
less concrete possibility
is that I may just be interested in her for more than sex

remote as it may seem

given her history
married at a young age
divorces soon after
highly religious until recently

it is possible
and not unlikely
that the only person she has had sex with
is her ex-husband

regardless of whatever energy was definitely between us
the chances that she would just act upon such urges
goes against everything she was brought up with
and so is unlikely

I'm thinking I'll take her out to the play
and see how things go
then take it painfully slow

I think she'd be an ideal candidate for the old
"lets see what fun we can have without having sex" game

as a general rule
that does more to increase a woman's desire for sex
than most anything else

but anyway
I had a delightful time
I'm looking forward to friday
after that
well who knows

recent events seem to be pointing
in the direction of my leaving the country in the next six months
so that does seem to limit the potential
she will be spending four or five months
in the most likely country
roughly coinciding with my arrival there
[and in fact, she has far more experience there than I do]
I guess
the dice are rolling
only time will tell how they end up


it is nice to be
excited about sleeping with a woman again

its been a while since
I've had anticipation to enjoy
usually sleeping with women is a foregone conclusion

not that this isn't per say
it just requires a bit more charm and grace on my part

I suppose a better phrasing
is that I enjoy the promise yet unfulfilled
instead of just assuming that it will happen

or maybe
I'm just drunk and babbling

only time will tell


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