Jul. 5th, 2008

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[what can I say it is the Israeli national past time]

Ok so yeah, I'm singling someone out here
and being something a complete bastard by doing so
but it is a moral imperativae

There are five photographs of one woman
view them at your leisure
and answer the poll at the bottom of this post
[no slacking on the poll either]
[I'll be watching you]

All your base are belong to me (aka redhead hottie within) )

[Poll #1218379]

full disclosure:

The plural is smitten,
as some of you have already guessed
and so for you
and everyone else
consider this an introduction
plural: (god)
[a letter/response to her post]
[which was too long to comment with]
[but I thought I'd share with yall anyway]
[hopefully she shan't be overly upset]

[edit: if you haven't answered the poll posted in the entry before this one - quit slacking]

Yup. I'd suspect that you are an excellent bullshitter, however that is a sign of intelligence. Idiots can rarely thinks quickly or cleverly enough to bullshit well.



That's, right, I'm calling bullshit.

People see you as smart because you are. You are quick learner, and have an excellent ability to draw cognitive connections.

Sure you know stuff, and the measure of your intelligence isn't the stuff that you know. What you know is a function of your life, what you need to know and what you choose to know.

I don't know much about the first law of thermodynamics, I remember a vague overview of the laws of thermodynamics as a whole but more importantly I know where and how to find the answers should I need to. The simple reality is that our brains can only hold so much information, particularly a sad little damaged brain like mine.

The important thing is to understand the broad concepts, how they relate to each other and then how to find better answers when you need to.

Brilliance follows the old 80/20 rule, it is 80% of what you know results from spending 20% of your time at a library. *grin*

As you said, there is a difference between book smart and smart. You aren't lacking in intelligence, you are lacking in time spent with your nose in a history book.

That is simply a choice, although given how horrid the state of education in the world these days, it isn't entirely your fault, after all I am a lover of history despite the best efforts of a dozen or more history teachers trying to bore me to death.

As for my conversations with BB, not many people can or desire to keep up with us, even his wife H who is perfectly capable of holding her own when she desires to (as I am sure you are as well). She generally prefers to let us go back and forth and snipe from the sidelines.

So, you'll have someone to chat with and make fun of BB and I as we babbling on incessantly about some trivial distinction that really isn't relevant to the overall debate we are having.

As for standing there and looking pretty, well I'm good with that as well, although I'm sure it will mean that I get distracted and lose the argument, but I suppose that is probably good for me to taste the humility of mortals from time to time.

It aint no misconception.

You are hot.

I say so and I'm the plural.

They say so (cause I've threatened them with bodily harm).

I win.

As one of the worlds foremost experts on beauty of all sorts but particularly that of the female aspect, my opinion on the subject is entirely beyond contestation in any form save by your having a peer review journal article published.

Lastly, if the man who adores you loses his train of thought when you walk by, his eloquence trailing off into stumbles and mumbles of incoherency, does it really matter if you think you are hot or not?

Back to the smart thing:

Boggle requires smarts (full disclosure: I suck a boggle)

Debating the finer points of thermonuclear diplomacy requires knowledge.

The difference between the two?

You can teach knowledge.

Stumped? why be stumped?

There are thousands of things I don't know anything about, when they come up, I say "Hey, I don't know anything about that" and then start asking questions.

As Seneca said:

"If you don't know, ask. You will be a fool for the moment, but a wise man for the rest of your life."

Because of this, it is far more important in life to know "what you know" and "what you do not know", than the amount of knowledge you possess. Because if you know that you do not know, you have the opportunity to ask.

That said, I will never seek to, or allow another to make you feel less than simply because you do not have some piece of knowledge readily available.

Of course, if it is merely forgetfulness or you are having a blonde moment as opposed to a lack of knowledge, I do reserve the right to mock you relentlessly.

Smart is the ability
Intelligence is knowing how to use it
Knowledge is a life long and hopeless pursuit
Ignorance is intentionally avoiding understanding

Smarts are a gift
Intelligence must be trained
Knowledge is obtained
Ignorance is willfully pursued

I have zero doubts about your intellectual capacities being a match for my own, even if I have a little bit of a head start in the training/experience departments.

that is all



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