Jan. 12th, 2008

the play

Jan. 12th, 2008 02:21 pm
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was quite good

the set was amazing

not only was it not a set up
the chick was late
so she ended up seeing it from
the nosebleed section

I did however
have an inspired conversation
with one of the playwrights

I was quite proud of myself
not for getting her number
or for getting a date
even though
I perhaps should be
seeing as she is intelligent, successful and pretty damn hot

but rather
it was the fact that she is
shall we say
age appropriate

she's headed back to new york
in a week
I'm happy to accept
small victories

on the other hand

the "crew" event
which went along with the play
was brimming with hotties
[and age appropriate ones]

although some of them
were doing the "holy shit, I'm thirty and single, here are my tits"
I find distasteful
[even if my eyes don't mind]

I think I'll go back
it might just be a good place
to meet someone to hold my interest for a while

one never knows

and now
I go shopping

I have a long list of boring things to buy
and tomorrow I've decided
to get my art hung around the house

which will make me feel pleased
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after a great week

I went shopping today
although my heart wasn't in it

I checked out this company
that makes a special type of glass
so that you can have a LCD TV mounted on the wall
and when it is turned off it looks like a mirror

they are smoking crack

I later looked at a Bravia TV of the same size
which had a nicer image and better inputs
and was a third the price

sure the idea of having a tv disappear is swell
but for three times the cost it is a bit ridiculous

after that
I swung by coach and got a new wallet and a new belt
two things which I've been in dire need of
then swung by BR to find a pair of slacks
or a new overcoat
but found nothing which interested me
instead I bought a new pair of shoes at cole haan
gorged myself on sushi

oh in other news
I heard through the grapevine
that little miss from last night
is actually a mrs
I going to politely decline
that sort of drama
I just do not need

as always

it is good to be the king
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Ill ligitamus non carberendum
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since I
cancelled my date tonight

none of my damn friends
are answering their damn phones
I'm sitting at home
trying to decide what to do

I'm half tempted
to relax
have a drink
and watch episodes of the west wing

part of me
rather feels like going out

I'm just not sure where


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